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Spokane Neighborhoods - Moran Prairie

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Spokane's Neighborhoods - Moran Prairie

Located in the Southeast corner South Hill, Moran Prairie enjoys the wide open space feel of the country but is just a short drive from the city.

Moran Prarie - Spokane Neighborhoods

Even though we live about 30 minutes away, we find ourselves visiting this neck of Spokane frequently for the family friendly activities available. With all of the amenities you and your family need, this neighborhood is like a playground for all walks of life.


  • Golf

  • Playgrounds

  • Dog Parks

  • Local Farms

  • Shopping (Target)

  • Dining (fine and casual)

  • Coffee Shops

  • Great Schools

  • Beautiful Views

  • Access to Nature

Moran Prairie is a beautiful place to call home and offers almost every style of house out there from suburban couldesacs to condominiums to 5 acre lots.

If you'd like to start searching for your new home in any of the Spokane Neighborhoods (maybe in Moran Prairie!) give me a call, send me a text or email me at the information in the footer.

Phil Wells

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