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South Perry District

What was once a depressed area has been revitalized into one of Spokanes most hipster neighborhoods. Which is a wonderful think because South Perry is home to some beautiful properties. You'll find a ton of craftsman style, 1930s bungalows and turn of the century victorian homes here.


South Perry is located a stones throw from the medical district and Downtown. So you can be on the freeway within 5 minutes if you live here. This does however have its drawbacks. Some parts, particularly the parts close to the freeway still have issues with petty property crime and homelessness.


The South Perry District is the place a lot of people go to eat and socialize. You have South Perry Pizza, Perry St Brewing, Wisconsion Burger, Meeting House Cafe & the fine dining Francaise.

There are a ton of local businesses here and farmers markets in the summer months.

There is a wonderful green house called Liberty Park which gives this otherwise urban neighborhood a real oasis feel.

You have direct access to the hospitals and all that Downtown has to offer here so you are absolutely spoiled for choice when it comes to amenities.

Downsides to living in the South Perry District:

My biggest concern with the South Perry District is that it's not cheap and it's not completely recovered from it's dark days. Grant Park still has a slightly sketchy reputation and you'll fine you can rapidly end up in areas you wouldn't want your significant other walking alone at night.


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