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Rockwood is quite simply one of Spokane's best neighborhoods. Rockwood is located at the heart of Spokane's desirable South Hill. It's home to a wide range of property type and a wide range of price points. Rockwood is where you will find some of the most expensive and luxurious homes in all of Spokane.


Rockwood is about as central as it's possible to get without being exposed to all the hustle and bustle of Downtown.

It's roads and are complexed maze but mean that you can access the neighborhood from nearly every direction.

You can head up to the freeway within only a free minutes by heading through the medical district.

In terms of location it really doesn't get much better than this. You're ultra central but you don't have anywhere near as much petty property crime and homelessness to deal with as neighborhoods closer to downtown.


Other than the grand turrets that mark the start of roads and the neighborhood itself and the Rockwood Bakery, there really aren't any. Rockwood is unique in that of the properties that make the neighborhood nearly all are residential and nearly all of those are single family homes.

But that doesn't matter one bit. You can be at a grocery store in 10 minutes, whether that's Grocery Outlet, Fred Myer or Trader Joes.

Just to the West of the neighborhood is the effortlessly beautiful Manito Park with all the beauty and nature that wonderful place provides.

There is also a very active neighborhood community that acts as a de facto neighborhood watch.

Down sides of living in Rockwood:

There are none. Other than the fact that you'll likely have to pay the highest home prices anywhere in Spokane, you will get a slice of the absolutely best that Spokane has to offer.

I mean just look at these houses.


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