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Riverfront Park - A Walking Tour

Riverfront Park is a gem in the heart of Downtown Spokane. Enjoy this video I shot on a beautiful August morning.

There are tons of cities in the US that have a River Running Through them but only a few can match the aesthetics of the Spokane River crashing through the center of Spokane.

With one of the best urban falls in the nation, Riverfront Park offers a variety of activities from cycling and walking, to attractions such as a 1909 Carousel, a cable car Over the Falls, a Sculpture walk, Tour Trains, Amusement Rides, as well as seasonal activities like an ice rink in winter. There are a lot of parking spots nearby but like I always say the downtown area can get busy so it’s best to get there early to guarantee a parking spot.

Some of the region's best annual events are also hosted on this 100 acre green space including Hoopfest, Bloomsday, 4th of July Celebration, Pig Out in the Park and many more.


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