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Nine Mile Falls

Nine Mile Falls is the place to live if you’re looking for a quiet, relaxed atmosphere, access to nature and a great community.

Homes here generally are going to have larger lots. It’s common to fine lots over an acre and properties with substantial acreage are available too. If you have horses or you keep animals you can probably find a suitable property here in Nine Mile Falls.

You'll be in the Nine Mile Falls School District here which is home to some great local schools.

One of the highlights of living in Nine Mile Falls it the great access to nature you get. Riverside State Park is very nearby where it’s possible to enjoy things like hiking, running, kayaking, road biking, mountain biking, horse back riding and camping. The river is dammed in a couple of locations creating lakes and reservoirs making it easy to enjoy recreation out on the water, this also makes for stunning back drops to evening strolls along the Centennial Trail that starts in Nine Mile Falls and runs right the way through to Idaho.

The view just a few feet along Carlson Trailhead (the start of the Centennial Trail.


Nine Mile Falls is a little out there, it's a 30 minute drive to Downtown Spokane via 291 assuming clear road conditions the whole way. You can also head north and join 395 to quickly head into Spokane Valley. It's probably not somewhere I'd consider living if it's just the house you're looking for. You'll need to want the whole lifestyle to live here and commute each day.

However, it is the sort of place people journey to in order to enjoy recreation so you'll have to way what you want from a neighborhood and whether living further away from the main population center is worth it.


Nine Mile Falls may be out there but that doesn't mean there isn't a thriving community up there that needs to be catered to.

In the Nine Mile Falls/Suncrest area you'll find an grocery stores, pharmacies, a doctors office, ice cream shops, coffee shops, a winery, 291 Brewhouse, Wagon Wheel car and grill. Even a uhaul place so you can move right in and drop your uhaul off.

I will freely admit there isn't a huge selection but you can have your basic needs catered to here and it's not a million miles away from the north side Costco.

Downsides to living in Nine Mile Falls:

Winter driving might be a little challenging, depending on where you live. If you're on a school bus route your roads will get plowed but if you choose to live somewhere slightly more remote then you may wish to talk this into consideration.

It is remote. If you're retired and have horses then you will thrive here. If you're a moody teenager you may get bored here.


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