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Moving To Spokane - Why Spokane?

If you’re thinking about moving to Spokane Washington then stick around because I’ve got 10 reasons why you absolutely should.

My name is Phil Wells, I’m a real estate agent right in the heart of the city of Spokane. Spokane is no longer the Inland North West’s best kept secret, people love it here and more and more people are moving here..

So let’s get into the reasons why you’ll love it too.

Spokane Is Beautiful

If you like the outdoors then you’ll love Spokane. With mountains, rivers, waterfalls, lakes, forests and beautiful architecture. Spokane is the kind of city where you can always discover a new view that tops the last.

Friendly Locals

Spokane is a big city but it has a small town feel. Nobody here is in a hurry and the locals are generally welcoming and friendly.

Endless Activities

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in to hiking, performing art, sailing or wine tasting there is something for everyone in Spokane.

It's Easy To Meet People

People in Spokane are outgoing and friendly. Combining this the activities to suit every taste and Spokane really is the kind of city you can move to knowing nobody and make friends easily. Take that from someone who has done exactly that.

Sense Of Community

There is a real sense of community in Spokane. The people that live here really like their city. They take pride in the city and support local business too. If you look on social media at the hashtag SpokaneDoesn’tSuck you’ll see people going out their way to showcase the best parts of Spokane.

Great Food & Drinks Scene

Spokane is the kind of city with a new bar or restaurant opening almost monthly. They all provide a unique experience and with so much competition in the area the food and drink has to be good to stand out.

There is also a coffee shop on every corner so you’re never more than a few yards away from your next coffee fix.


Spokane has all the big name store fronts but also has a ton of independent businesses and boutiques. With such a strong sense of community people want to see these small businesses succeed and actively support them.


With the Spokane Arena, The Spokane Convention Center, the casinos, theaters as well as local bars and restaurants all hosting events and artists year round there’s something for everyone in Spokane.

There are also a great selection of annual events that take place in the city and I have a separate post on this you can check out too.

Low Cost Of Living

This one is a biggie - living in Spokane is very affordable. We have no income tax here and low median house prices. To put this in perspective by comparing Spokane with Seattle, it costs 80% more to live in Seattle than it does in Spokane, primarily because of housing costs.

I have a separate post on the cost of living in Spokane, click here.

Spokane Is In The Path Of Growth

Spokane is experiencing strong real estate appreciation with approximately 10% year-on-year appreciation. People and jobs are moving here. Businesses are eying up the cheap land around Spokane as places to establish a presence - for example Amazon opened a facility here recently.

It feels like the city could be set for a real decade of growth.

Final Thoughts

Those are the reasons you should definitely consider moving to Spokane. I moved here in 2019 and have been blown away by the city. It’s genuinely an awesome place to be and the place I intend to stay long term. I think there’s something here for everyone.

If you or anyone you know is thinking about making the move out to Spokane then please contact me, I’d be happy to answer any question you may have and would be honored to work with you.


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