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The Manito neighborhood is one of Spokane's most desirable neighborhood. Just take a breif walk around to see why. It's beautiful old properties, it's tree lined streets and it's famous park all make this neighborhood so appealing. Located in the heart of the desirable South Hill, Manito is serviced by great schools, places to eat, drink and shop.


In my opinion Manito Park is the heart of the South Hill which means so too it the Manito neighborhood. Located directly south of the medical district and accessible by countless roads Manito is very central indeed.

You can get to the freeway in a matter of moments and access just about everything Spokane has to offer just as quick.

Those of us in real estate talk about location, location, location. Manito has location alright. But you will pay for that location - with some of the highest home prices anywhere in Spokane you'll certainly be paying a premium for all that Manito has to offer.


Manito has all the typical amenities you'd expect from a well established neighborhood. But the key amenity in this neighborhood is Manito Park. For many this is the cultural center of Spokane. The park hosts countless events, my favorite is the Christmas light walk (pictured below).

Manito is serviced by great places to eat and drink and of course has first rate access to hospitals. So if healthcare is a principle concern of yours then Mantio has you covered.

Downsides to living in the Manito neighborhood:

I had to think about this because there's a reason everyone wants to be here. I would say that it is quite a busy neighborhood. Grand Boulevard can be a little much at peak hours. Manito isn't just a park primarily used by Manito residents like Audubon Park, for example. It's Spokane's Park and people travel far and wide to visit so there's a lot of people parking on the street on residential streets and there's always people walking by at all hours, to some this might get annoying.

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