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Latah Valley

Latah Valley is the place to live if you value peace and quiet along side a premium feel. With stunning views, access to nature in every direction, golf and hiking on your door step, it's easy to see why Latah Valley is a popular place to be.

The homes located here are almost entirely contained within HOAs so this is something you will have to seriously consider whether or not you want to be a part of an HOA when you buy a home here.

Latah Valley has rapidly become one of the most exclusive areas in the Spokane area and when you drive around the beautiful tree lined streets passed perfectly manicured green spaces it's easy to see why.


Despite being geographically close to the South Hill it is quite an isolated community. Accessible by 195 or a small access road known as Hatch Rd.

As you'd imagine therefore Latah Valley doesn't get much through traffic. It's the type of place you only go to if you have business being there. And locals love that, it adds to the safety of the neighborhood and the sense of community.

195 feeds directly into I90 via a slightly awkward on ramp. So if you plan on commuting to work then you'll be able to do that just fine by living in Latah Valley.


Latah Valley has surprisingly fee amenities for being such an up market, affluent area. It has a Yokes for it's grocery store, a gas station and a few places to grab a bite to eat like Chaps, Wine and Taps and Latah Bistro. That's really it. Latah Valley is crying out for a more places to eat and drink. Give them a pizzeria of something!

In terms of outdoor recreation, you have the Qualchan Golf Course, Eagle Ridge Short Course, Eagle Ridge Wishpering Pines Park and there are trails dotted throughout the community itself.

Downsides to living in Latah Valley:

There just really isn't enough to do. I fully accept some people will consider this an upside and that's fine. But please understand i'm clutching at straws here because Latah Valley is simply one of the best places to live in the Spokane Area.


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