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Emerson Garfield

With the tranquility of Corbin Park at its heart and the newly hipsterized area around Monroe St to it's south Emerson Garfield has something for everyone. Want a slice of that Manito lifestyle at a fraction of the cost? Buy a park front property. Want a super walkable environment similar to the Garland district? Then live near Monroe.

Fundamentally Emerson Garfield is a historic neighborhood and while you may find modern buildings that have filled in those vacant city lots you are much more likely to find the 1930s bungalows that Spokane is famous for here.

In fact one on Spokanes first planned communities is located in this neighborhood. Corbin Park and the 83 homes that line it were all built before 1927 to represent the major architectural styles of early 20th century America.


Emerson Garfield is location due north of Downtown Spokane approximately 2 miles. Which means you can drive down into Downtown easily to sample all that our wonderful city has to offer. You can also access the freeway within 10 minutes so it's a real option for you if you work somewhere like the Air Force Base.


I currently live in this neighborhood so take it from me, there's a lot to do here. We have an aray of grocery store to choose from, we have gyms, antique store, bars, restaurants, boutique, everything. And of course we have Corbin Park which is just about exactly 1 mile all the way around so it makes for an ideal running loop. We also have our own locally run general store called the General Store which is a great place to shop and support local.

Emerson Garfield also has it's own farmers market that runs during the summer months.

Draw Backs:

It's 2 miles from Downtown Spokane so it isn't immune to the petty property crime and homeless issues that plague Downtown Spokane.

The neighborhood has too many arterials running through it meaning you're never more that 3 blocks away from a busy road. Division, Maple, Ash, Buckeye, Monroe all run through this otherwise wonderful part of Spokane.


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