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Comstock is located on Spokane's desirable South Hill. It's home to a wide range of homes and a wide range of price points. Comstock is one of my personal favorite neighborhoods in Spokane.

With Comstock Park at it's heart and the mesmerizing views from High Drive it's easy to see why this is such a desirable place to be for everyone from folks with young kids to retirees alike.

It's a slightly newer neighborhood then say Rockwood or Manito and it's possible to find everything from turn of the century bungalows, craftmans, MCM homes, 1980s ranchers and custom homes.


Comstock is located on the South Hill just south of 29th from the Manito nieghborhood. You'll be doing much of your living along 29th as that's where everything is located off of. But you can use High Drive or Grand to shoot up to the freeway and be on I90 in less that 10 minutes.

This is a great location. You have everything on your doorstep including great schools.


Comstock is well catered to in terms or grocery stores, schools, doctors, pharmacies and stores of all kinds. You won't really be sacrificing any of your everyday needs to live here.

Comstock Park offers a great place for the kids to play and dogs to run. It also have tennis courts and a pool with water slide open in the summer months.

You will have access to miles of trials on High Drive Bluff and the wonderful views there too.

Downsides to living in Comstock:

Truthfully, it ain't Manito. The only real downside is the snooty factor that you aren't in Manito. I would argue that Comstock has more to door and better value homes but that will never change the preception of not being north of 29th.


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