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Audubon Downriver

Audubon Downriver is a fantastic neighborhood and if you're looking for an established neighborhood, more affordable homes than the South Hill and great access to nature.

Like so many neighborhoods Audubon Downriver has a park as it's heart and this neighborhood is no different. Audubon Park provides a wonderful place to walk and tell your spouse which house you prefer out of the houses that line the park. At the parks north is Finish Elementary so Audubon Park is always teeming with live.


Audubon Downriver is located to the North West of Downtown Spokane and is accessible along the aptly named Northwest Boulevard. Incidentally that Northwest Boulevard provides one of the best views in all of Spokane (see picture below).

The location provides for rapid access to the arterials Maple and Ash which will take you north or south. From there you can access Downtown and the I90 freeway. Meaning that you can get around very quickly so if you work at the AFB or in Liberty Lake, you can still live here.

View from the Northwest Boulevard Bluffs


As I mentioned the neighborhood has great access to nature. there isn't just Audubon Park at a poultry 27 acres, you also have front row access to Riverside State Park at 14,000 acres - If you can think up an outdoor activity then you can do it here. You are only a short drive or walk to the famous Bowl and Pitcher in this neighborhood.

For further outdoor recreation you have Downriver Golf Course and Disc Golf Course.

In terms of bars and restaurants, you have The Flying Goat (a personal favorite), Downriver Grill, Little Garden Cafe, Fetch Bakery, Outlaw BBQ, to name but a few.

There is a Safeway nearby for a grocery store but that's really it, you'll likely be traveling outside the neighborhoods limits for your weekly shop. But this means the neighborhood maintains its residential feel so this has it's upsides as well as downsides.

Downsides to living in Audubon-Downriver:

Other than what i just mentioned, namely that there aren't many stores within the neighborhood itself there aren't many downsides. You get you live in a beautiful home like the one pictured below while enjoying great schools, great access to nature and significantly less of the petty crime you experience when you live closer to Downtown.


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