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Is Spokane set for a post COVID 19 boom?

An article recently published by Redfin highlights the current working from home trend. In a survey it's revealed up to 1 in 4 newly remote workers expect to continue working from home after COVID 19 passes.

So, what impact does this have on Spokane? Why should you care?

Imagine if you were paying $4000 a month in rent for an apartment in a major city with a strict pet policy and nowhere to park. Suddenly COVID 19 hits and you realize that all you need to earn money is an internet connection.

Almost overnight you begin to think it might be nice to have a house with a garage, some land, somewhere for a couple of dogs to run around and maybe even somewhere to start a family ... and also it might be nice to do all this for half the price of your current rent.

With a low cost of living as well as being an awesome place to live cities like Spokane might be in the crosshairs for large scale migration away from much more expensive cities.

Phil Wells | Spokane Realtor®


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