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Browne's Addition

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Browne's Addition is the Spokanes Oldest neighborhood. And is where this writer called home for just over a year. It's huge Victorian mansions are in direct contrast to the modern low-rise apartment buildings and condominiums. Residents of all backgrounds appreciate the neighborhood's proximity to downtown, its sense of community and physical beauty.


As mentioned Browne's Addition is located a mere 10 minute work to Downtown where you have a plethora of activities. You can go and walk along the Centennial trail, explore River Front Park, grab a drink in the lobby at the Davenport at Christmas time (a personal favorite of mine), or countless other things you can do in Downtown Spokane.

It's also right next to High Bridge Dog Park which is a great place to take our four legged friends to socialize and run around.


Rousauers grocery store services this neighborhood and has a good selection. I found I could do most of my shopping here and top up the bulk items at Costco.

In terms of bars and restaurants you're spoiled for choice. You have Brownes Bistro, Pacific Ave Pizza, Italia Trattoria, El Que and the Elk all on the round about between Pacific & Cannon. There's also Ladder Coffee on Riverside opposite the fire station for a quiet stop to relax and get coffee.

Watching people sat in the sun enjoying great food and drink creates a strong sense of community and provides opportunities for neighbors to mix and mingle.

You can also check out the North West Museum Of Arts And Culture as well as the historic Campbell House (don't forget to stop by for free Christmas cookies).

Draw backs:

Crime, crime and crime. You will see homeless people and people out of their minds on some substance or another when you live here, thats a fact. Downtown Spokane recently implemented a sit and lie ordinance meaning that you can't sit or lie in Downtown overnight. So guess where the homeless population is heading? To the neighboring neighborhoods and Browne's is in the firing line for that.

I was fortunate, I was never a victim of crime whilst living there but please be under no illusion, this isn't the kind of neighborhood you can forget to lock your car. It's sad but true.

- Phil Wells


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